Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Typepath cost?

It’s FREE!

How do I report a bug or Suggest a new feature?

We love FEEDBACK! Please send detailed feature requests or general comments regarding functionality and/or bugs to

How do I add Typepath to my blog?

Once you receive the embed code, simply copy and paste the code into the footer of your blog. I

Is Typepath available as a WordPress plugin?

Soon! Our plugin is undergoing final evaluation and should be available shortly. Check back later!

Will Typepath affect my blog’s mobile experience?

No! Typepath is currently desktop-only and will not appear on your blog’s mobile version. We will be releasing a mobile version in Phase 2.

Can I report or block certain people/comments?


Flagging Offensive Users
We’ve designed Typepath to be self-regulating by the community. If three unique users flag a commenter for being offensive, that user will be signed out for a period of 10 minutes.

Removing Offensive Comments
Typepath is very much an in-the-moment discussion tool. There is very little to worry about with regard to user’s comments leaving an offensive mark on your site, or for that matter having to invest time into policing/deleting them.

Blocking Users
Users can stop receiving direct messages from other users they deem offensive by using the Block feature in the private message manager.

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What if Typepath conflicts with my blog’s code?

Typepath is still in BETA and certain anomalies may occur. There a few known issues that have been documented. Otherwise, we have had no reports of Typepath affecting site performance.

In the unlikely event that there is an unexpected conflict, the fastest remedy is to simply remove the embed code from your blog’s footer (or deactivate the Typepath plugin if on WordPress).

If the problem is minor, email us and we will find a resolution with glee.

Can I opt-out at any time?

Yes, you would simply remove the embed code that you added to your blog’s footer.

Can I customize Typepath to fit the aesthetic of my site?

Typepath’s interface has been designed to fit seamlessly with most any blog. However in the next iteration we may offer customization features.