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Why Typepath

Typepath lets your readers chat with other readers on related blogs – in realtime.

With Typepath, your blog gains a robust realtime messaging system that connects your readers with audiences across the web who share your passions. The result is increased engagement and discovery from precisely the type of readers most likely to become fans of your site.


How it works

A “path” connects audiences on multiple blogs and unites them into a single real-time chat experience. Messages from any visitor are instantly shared with users across all blogs connected to a particular path. Readers can also follow each others’ activities and engage in live, one-on-one cross-site conversations.

  1. Easily add Typepath’s embedded chat technology to your blog
  2. Invite or be invited by other blogs who’s audiences share your interests
  3. Foster more intense engagement around your content while expanding your blog’s impact

Add Typepath to your blog

Typepath is currently accepting inquiries to beta test our technology.

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